Chanukah: Creating Miracles with the Power of Eight

All who are devoted to G-d, follow me!” Rallying cry of the Maccabees as they opposed the enormous and amazing Greek armed force.

The occasion of Chanukah, celebrated around the planet by Jews of each degree of recognition, is a festival of wonders. It denotes the phenomenal triumph of a little gathering of Jewish dedicated – the Maccabees – over their ground-breaking Greek oppressors very nearly 2200 years back.

The Greeks loved actual magnificence, actual Jewish podcast strength and the sane psyche. They were against Jewish conviction not as a result of the insight of the Torah or the subtleties of Jewish practice, but since of the supra-reasonable confidence of the Jews. In contrast to different adversaries, they didn’t try to obliterate the Jews, yet rather to absorb them. Their mission was pointed toward cutting off the fundamental unqualified association of the Jewish individuals to G-d and the Torah.

That is the reason the Greeks were so aim after contaminating the Temple, the holiest site of the Jewish public and the focal point of their otherworldly help. Notwithstanding forfeiting pigs and putting symbols in the Temple, they debased all the unadulterated oil that was expected to light the Temple’s Menorah.

At the point when the Greeks were at long last crushed and the Temple reestablished, the Jews looked to no end for unadulterated oil. Finally, they discovered one fixed holder, barely to copy for a solitary day. They realized that it wouldn’t be sufficient to go on until another stock of oil could be made. In any case, they utilized that one compartment of oil to light the Temple’s Menorah indeed. Wonderfully, that one holder of unadulterated oil consumed for 8 days.

Today, Chanukah is commended for those emuna,  equivalent 8 days, in recognition of the incredible supernatural occurrences of that time.

However, as usual, Kabbalah recounts a more profound story.


G-d made the world, including the whole common request, in seven days – six days of creation and the seventh day of rest.

This pattern of seven contains inside it, in seed structure, the entirety of Creation, all that can exist inside the normal request. (Strangely, from the beginning of time, for all intents and purposes each culture on earth has estimated time as per this seven-day cycle, which not at all like the day, the month, or the year, compares to no prophetic or common wonder.)

The number eight, then again, mirrors a light that rises above Creation. Eight is over the limits of existence, over the laws of nature. Eight is the degree of wonders. That is the reason eight compares to the hour of geula and the disclosure of Moshiach, when the limits of the actual universe and the normal request will at this point don’t obstruct the more profound reality.

The Menorah in the Holy Temple had seven lights. The menorah of Chanukah has eight.

Within you, at your most profound center, you additionally have that degree of eight, a storehouse of “unadulterated oil” that isn’t restricted by anything in nature. In spite of the fact that you may not be in contact with it, underneath your regular feeling of “what your identity is” lies a tremendous, untainted potential.

At the point when you work from the degree of ‘seven’, you are contracted by your conditions. What your identity is and what you need to work with genuinely probably won’t be sufficient to permit your light to sparkle.

Yet, when you pick, similar to the Maccabees of yesteryear, to go past estimated reason and utilize whatever you do have, whether or not or not it seems sufficiently like, another reality becomes an integral factor. Through conceding to do what you can to enlighten yourself and your reality, with unadulterated confidence and trust that G-d will give the rest, you can start to touch off your “unadulterated oil” – the light from the domain of eight.

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